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12 Feb

I feel like I was super accomplished this weekend. Yesterday, I started the day by doing some work outside, cleaning up our patio.

Cy helped me. πŸ˜‰

Later in the day, we look the kids to the park. We all had a lot of fun at the park. We went to a park that we’ve been to before, but haven’t been to in a while, so it was something new for the kids, plus it has nice walking trails for mom and dad. Sadie seemed really excited to be there – more so than she is at some other parks. We started calling her “Fun Sadie” because she almost seemed giddy there. She was running and playing like when she was a young pup. To be honest, sometimes she is miserable to take to the park because she would rather stand in one spot and eat rabbit turds all day than go on a walk, but this time she had a little more pep in her step. πŸ™‚ Cy had fun too because we let him off leash when there was no one around. He was running around like a mad man and had a total blast.

It’s too bad Sadie can’t go off leash also, but her recall (aka listening) skills are not the best. Cy, on the other hand, comes when called, even with distractions. This is mostly our fault for not giving Sadie as much training as we have given Cy, but the girl does have an extremely stubborn streak that seems to be inherent and nothing to do with training.

We went back to the same park again today and Cy had fun chasing a tennis ball and Sadie had fun stealing and hiding the ball from her brother. πŸ˜‰

Yesterday, I also did step one for my DIY art project for our dining room.

Yes, I know it is “safety cone orange” and that’s just how I like it! πŸ˜‰ This place needs a pop of color!

The hubby and I just got back from an early Valentine’s dinner at Cucina Enoteca. Love that place! And love my sweetie. πŸ˜€


Snapshots From The Weekend

29 Jan

Hey y’all! How was your weekend?

Here are some snapshots from my weekend.

Yesterday, I did yoga for the first time since my surgery. I was a little wobbly on some of the moves, but overall it felt GREAT to be exercising again. My muscles thanked me. πŸ™‚

It was a beautiful weekend here, so we took the kids to the park yesterday and today. We had some wicked Santa Ana winds on Friday (I’m talking shaking the whole house windy), but the one positive of Santa Ana winds is that they blow out all the clouds, so that means it’s super sunny.

I went to Micheal’s today to get some supplies for a little DIY art project for our dining room. I was inspired by this photo from Make Under My Life.

I’m going to do my prints in a bright orange though because I really need a pop of color in here. The inspiration photo also has felt flowers on it, but I’m going to do a stencil instead.

I’m going to recreate this circle print from the lamp onto my canvas.

Now I’m off to watch The Help.

Peace out!

No Mom Jeans Required

15 Jan

Today, I took a big step towards accomplishing these crafty goals by taking a crochet 101 class at Joann’s. I’m not gonna lie, there were a few pairs of “mom jeans” in the crowd at the class, but I’m here to tell you that no mom jeans are required to crochet. πŸ˜‰

Here’s what I made in the class:

We practiced both single and double crochet, so hence the different look in the middle of my piece. There was a bit of an opps when I was switching back to single crochet after doing the double, as evidenced by the uneven edge. πŸ˜•

Since I got home from the class, I’ve made this:

My goal is to make a cowl, but I’m not working with a pattern. Since I’m just learning, I’m going to just do it and see what happens, cause that’s how I roll.

Now I’m off to watch movie stars with horrendous spray tans on the Golden Globes. πŸ˜‰ Seriously though, is it just me or are people looking especially orange this year?

Crafty Goals

8 Nov

So remember when I went to the epic bead store? Well I finally made a couple of pieces with the beads I scored.

These blue beads were so gorgeous, I didn’t even need to add anything to them. I simply put them on t-pins and done! I love these! They are so unique and pretty!

These earrings are a combination of two kinds of beads I got at the OC Bead Store. I loved both of these beads, but it took a bit of creativity before I got them together.

That’s all the wire I messed up before I got to the finished product. Opps! πŸ˜‰ Like I said in my earlier post, I’m an amateur, so I definitely play around with things before my creative “eye” decides that I got it right.

My next crafty goal is to learn how to crochet. I actually used to do the very basics of crocheting as a kid because my babysitter crocheted and she taught me how to crochet (in other words, make one long chain ;-)). Now that I’m a big girl, I want to learn how to make actual crocheted items. Check out these cute things I want to make:

Crochet Necklace


A crochet necklace?! Are you kidding me? This is SO cute!

Leg Warmers


Multi-colored leg warmers? Hells yeah! So 8O’s and so awesome!

Crochet Earrings


Crochet earrings – this is not your grandma’s crocheting, people! πŸ™‚

Crochet Wrap


This crochet wrap is so cute and, obviously, so versatile!

Crochet Slippers


And, finally, the crochet slippers. These are totally killer!


How do you indulge your creative side? (Everyone has one, some people just have to work harder to find it. ;-))


Sunday Funday

23 Oct

I’m what you might call a (very) amateur jewelry designer.Β  I like to make jewelry for myself and family and friends, but up until this point, I’ve only gotten my supplies from the likes of Joann’s and Michael’s. Well my friend and fellow crafty chick has been telling me about a for real bead store called “OC Bead Store” for months and since I can sorta, kinda walk now, I decided today was the day to venture out to the bead store. This place is a jewelry maker’s dream – beads as far as the eye can see in all shapes, colors and sizes.

Check out all those beads!

More beads!

I could have easily spent hundreds of dollars here – pretty beads ain’t cheap, but I managed to leave the store with only $45 in damage. (Hubby was along too since he had to drive me, so he helped me stay “on budget.” πŸ˜‰ ) For $45, here is my haul:

Gorgeous Beads!


And then we saw it…

Five Guys Menu

In the same shopping center as the bead store was a Five Guys restaurant. Now it is a very rare occasion that I step foot in a fast-food restaurant (kind of against my foodie code of ethics), but there has been so much hype about this restaurant coming to California, that I HAD to try it. And it’s not like it’s McDonald’s, right? πŸ˜‰

As I hobbled my way up to the door of the restaurant, I commented to the hubby that it looks like a total mess in there. “Oh, they throw peanuts on the floor in there,” he says, having been to the restaurant once before.

What a mess!

But the peanuts were good. I don’t think I’ve eaten peanuts in a shell for years.


Now to the main attraction – the food. Let’s just say that this place is not helping the obesity epidemic. The portions were huge! I got a grilled cheese with grilled mushrooms and onions, plus Cajun fries.


Cajun Fries

Believe it or not, this is the “regular” size portion of fries. There is actually a large size portion bigger than this. Definitely an item to be shared, I barely finished half of these. Gigantic portion aside, these were pretty good with a nice Cajun spice.

And now I’m spent! This was my biggest outing since breaking my ankle and now mama is tired. Time to relax for the evening!