Grandpas Are The Best

20 Feb

The hubby’s dad (aka my father-in-law) is here visiting this week. Cy and Sadie have quickly figured out that grandpas are the best. They take you on walks, play with you, and even give you beer. Yes, I said give you beer. Let’s just say, I think Cy is an alcoholic. 😉

Today, we took time out from playing and beer drinking to visit the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens near Pasadena.

Huntington Entrance

You can find out more about the history of the Huntington here, but in summary, it is the estate of an old rich guy. 🙂 On the estate is the old rich guy’s mansion, plus 120 acres of gardens. There are several different types of gardens, including Desert, Australian, Japanese, Rose and Chinese.

Hubby and me in the "shelter thingy" in the Chinese garden. "Shelter thingy" is a technical term.

Pathway in the Chinese garden.

Chinese Garden

Pathway in the Children's Garden

The Mansion

Staircase inside the mansion

Me outside of the Japanese Garden, which unfortunately was closed for renovations.

"Cow's Horn" cactus in the desert garden. Ouch!

The trunk of the "butt crack tree" as hubby called it, in the desert garden.

Now after a fun day, I am SOOOO dreading going back to work tomorrow. Mama needs more vacation time! 😥


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