Gettin’ My Organization On

22 Jan

Today we went to one of my favorite stores – The Container Store. I love this place! Every time I enter this store, it gives me hope that my life can actually be organized. Case in point, I found this handy dandy little thing to organize kitchen wraps (like aluminum foil and such).

Check out my handy work:

Before - what a mess!


In a matter of two minutes, I organized these things that drive me crazy every time I open the pantry! 😀

My main reason for going to The Container Store was that I wanted to get something to organize my nail polish. My dream nail polish organization strategy would be to use a spice rack like the one below to display the nail polish, just like they do when you go to the salon to get a manicure. Genius idea, I know, but somehow I have yet to be able to convince the hubby to allow me to hang a spice rack in our closet. 😉

After looking at many options, I ended up with the container below, which I was happy with because of the little compartments within the box.

Before this, my nail polish was in serious need of some help. It was all shoved into a bag where I couldn’t see what I had. There were also nail polishes in there that I probably had in high school. That would mean they are like 12-15 years old. 😯


I’m talking Caboodles nail polish old! I’m not sure if this is even still a brand!

Old School!

I’ve still got a long way to go before I am completely in organization heaven (don’t even think about looking in my garage), but today was a good start.


Do you have any organization tips?


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