More Or Less: 2012 Goals

4 Jan

May I present to you…

My 2012 resolutions Goals: (presented in a handy, easy to remember “more or less” format. 😉 ) p.s. I hate the word “resolutions” – so cliché, no?

Exercise More
Hike More
Ride My Bike More

Eat More Vegetables – I’m already on my way to meeting this goal, thanks to my CSA box. Check out my haul from this week:

Spinach, Lavender, Lettuce, Collard Greens, Pears, Apples, Potatoes, Pomegranates, Acorn Squash, and Rutabaga.

Find more recipes for my repertoire – new year, new meals! My same old, same old recipes are feeling kind of tired.
Update this blog more often
Focus on getting more blog readers

Go to bed early more (OK, I just added “more” to that one to make it fit. ;-))
Get up early more (Yep, did it again.)
Get more organized in the morning – I ALWAYS feel like I am running around like a mad woman every morning. Instead of sitting down with a cup of coffee and watching Good Morning America, as I would like to do, I’m standing at the kitchen counter, stuffing my toast in my face as I pack my lunch. Not a good way to start the day!
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Stress less – I want this to be the year of focusing on what is REALLY important to me and not worrying about the rest. Perhaps a lofty goal, but I’m gonna go for it! 😀

I heard that you greatly increase your chance of completing your goals if you make them very specific, such as “I’ll lose 10 pounds by March,” but, frankly, those kind of goals just stress me out, so that would mean I am NOT accomplishing the stress less goal. Besides, I think if I work on my exercise and eating goals, then weight loss will just come naturally as a result of those goals. That’s my stress less way of looking at things. See, already accomplishing things! 😎


Anyone have tips for being more organized in the morning? I lay out my clothes the night before and select what I will take for lunch the night before (just pack it in the morning), but I still feel crazy. Perhaps my biggest problem is that I find it very hard to get out of bed in the morning, so consequently, I don’t have much time.


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