WTF, December?

14 Dec

WTF, December? How can you be going by so quickly when I have so much to do?

Seriously, I know December is a busy month for everyone, but this year it seems especially CRA-ZY!! Besides the usual Christmas shopping, holiday parties and typical holiday mayhem, I’m also attending physical therapy three days a week and trying to get our house back in order after Watergate 2011. Oh yeah, and I also happen to have a little birthday coming up too. 😮

I’m tempted to just give up on my to-do list and just drink wine and eat chocolate instead, but I’m slowly chipping away at it instead of giving up. This weekend I signed all my Christmas cards, on Monday I wrote my Christmas letter, and last night I addressed all the envelopes. Now I just need to stuff everything together and the cards will be on their way. However, this is by far the latest I’ve ever sent out my cards, so that goes to show how crazy this month is for me.

On the home front, all of our construction is FINALLY done! 😀 Now we just need to get our furniture and appliances moved back in and we will be all back to normal. This weekend we also went to check out possible new furniture. Now that I have my new and improved painted living room, I have to style it with new furnishings, no? 😉 I’m really digging this couch from Ikea (it looks better in person, trust me).

But I’m a little worried about the quality/longevity of an Ikea couch. I’ve owned a few pieces of furniture from Ikea before and never had a problem, but this is a couch. You know, that thing you flop your tired butt down on at the end of the day. On the other hand, I do have two slobbering, shedding dogs that I will be sharing this couch with, so part of me says get something cheaper so I won’t be as devastated when one of them pukes on it. Because, let’s face it, in this house, that is inevitable. Sadie is totally a puker.

Sigh! I always think I like interior design, until I actually have to do it and make decisions. Then it becomes stressful. I totally freeze up and over analyze everything. I like the style of Ikea furniture, but I’m worried about the quality. On the other hand, I haven’t really been able to find that style of furniture elsewhere. Ahhh!!! And so it goes, on and on…

Now where is that wine and chocolate? 😉


Do you get extra stressed in December? How do you handle it?


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