So Bad It’s Almost Funny

12 Nov

Hello from the upstairs of my house – the only livable portion at the moment. We have had quite the weekend. Our neighbors water pipe burst and guess who got the brunt of the damage – why, us, of course. 😦  The plumber came yesterday afternoon, took one look at the situation, and said we needed to call the people I like to call “the fixers.” They are a water damage emergency service, but they remind me of Harvey Keitel’s character in Pulp Fiction “The Wolf.” You know, the guy who comes in to take care of the little problem after Vincent’s gun accidentally goes off in the car?

The Wolf: You’re… Jimmie, right? This is your house?
Jimmie: Sure is.
The Wolf: I’m Winston Wolfe. I solve problems.
Jimmie: Good, we got one.
The Wolf: So I heard. May I come in?
Jimmie: Uh, yeah, please do.

They came in and got straight to work cleaning things up.

We’ve been progressing through the stages of grief with this situation. Last night, our feeling was it’s so bad, it’s almost funny. Today, now that our downstairs has been ripped apart and is pretty much unlivable, we are more depressed.

Since they’re aren’t many words that could actually describe the situation, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

"The fixers" get to work inside their tent.

A couple hours later, we have a lot of drywall missing, as well as a big chunk of our floor.

At this point, they had cut the floors up to our furniture, but it was still wet underneath, so they said they would need to come back today, move out all of our furniture and keep removing floors until they found it was dry.

This is when the depression set in.

This clearly illustrates how wet the floor was. Notice the lines on the floor near the blue machines. The lighter part is what had dried overnight. The darker part is what they had just uncovered.

The water damage to the floors extended all the way into the kitchen. So bye-bye floors here too.

So after the crew finished tearing apart our house, we handled it like any normal stress-eater person would do, we crawled in bed, buried our heads under the covers for a few hours and then went out for ice cream. 😉


4 Responses to “So Bad It’s Almost Funny”

  1. Belva Snow November 13, 2011 at 12:09 pm #

    Crapola!! How long ago did the pipes break.?? Hope the guy has good insurance and you have a nice lawyer. Thinking of you and wishing you good luck. Aunt Belva


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