Slap Some Paint On It

9 Nov

So on Saturday when we were at Home Depot looking for mums, we were accosted by one of those people who try to get you to set up an appointment for a consultation on remodeling your kitchen. We would love to remodel our kitchen, but we had no intention of doing it now because we already spent bucks on remodeling our patio this year, plus it turns out that breaking your ankle isn’t cheap either. However, we accepted the consultation appointment because we thought it would be good to get an estimate, just to have some kind of idea of what it would cost. Well for resurfacing (not replacing!) our cabinets, plus new countertops, the cost is… wait for it, wait for it… $15,000!!! 😯

So the moral of this story, slap some paint on it!

Our Current Kitchen (mid-dinner making)

So this is our current kitchen, which we will apparently be slapping some paint on and adding some new hardware. Three cheers for DIY!!! 🙂


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