A Few of My Favorite Things

28 Oct

That’s right – I’m like Oprah, except without the free gifts and the cars. 😉

So check this out, someone (that someone being the Ladies With Bottle Blog) figured out a way to combine two of my favorite things – pumpkin and wine. Yes, that’s right – pumpkin wine! Now granted I’m way too lazy to actually make this because it takes a year to make (yeah, I guess that’s how wine works), but I certainly like the idea of pumpkin wine. 🙂 Luckily, someone else was counting on my laziness and Wisconsin’s Three Lakes Winery has already made a pumpkin wine. Score!

In other favorites news, today was a good day for my favorite city – Seattle. Well it’s my favorite city out of the ones I have visited. And, yes, I have been to San Francisco, so I am saying I like Seattle better than San Francisco (Shocker!). Don’t get me wrong, I love San Francisco, but Seattle was somehow more “me.” I love that Seattle has that sophisticated big-city feel, while still being relaxed. Hubby and I took a vacay to Seattle last May and I fell in love. Speaking of which, here is my favorite picture from our trip:

Lattes and chocolate from Caffe D'arte. LOVE!!!

Anyway, back to this being a good day for Seattle, my favorite city scored high marks in Travel + Leisure’s annual “America’s Favorite Cities” poll. The Emerald City, as Seattle is known, scored #1 in intelligence, #1 in tech-savvy, # 1 in coffee (obviously!), #3 in athletic/active and #5 in microbrews/beer. High five Seattle! 😎

And, finally, guess what other favorite thing is back at Trader Joe’s? Wait for it, wait for it… Wintry Blend Coffee!!!

Wintry Blend Coffee

Hubby called from TJ’s today to tell me that it was back on the shelves. Talk about making my Friday!


What are your favorites? 🙂


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